20.09 Bespoke & 20.04 Roman Headrail Kits, Fitting Instructions, including how to fit chain breaker

Firstly fit the breackets ( 3 choices here, swivel, spring and top fix), the swivel and spring can be either top fix or face fix, the top fix is only top fix ( to ceiling for example)

Decide what fixings you are going to use depending on the application. It is very important to choose the correct fixing to attach the brackets with and make sure you have a good enough fixing to carry the weight of the blind.

Make sure you fit the brackets on a level plain and you have left enough room for the fabric to pass by any window handles that may be there.  

Fit the headrail into the brackets making sure they are secure. The swivel bracket has a small lever to move to the side to secure, as with the top fix bracket, the spring bracket is just push the headrail into the brackets.

Operate the chain to see if the blind goes up and down properly and that it reaches the correct drop.

Child safety: If it is a contiuous chain and a PullAway drive is not fitted you will be required by the regulations to fit a P Clip retainer for the chain to go through. The bottom of the chain must be at least 1500mm from the floor. 

If a breaker chain or a PullAway drive is fitted then the bottom of the chain must be at least 600mm from the floor and NOT retained. 

If ordering a chain for a 1:1 drive and a chain breaker is to be fitted then make sure the chain is at least 2/3 of the blind drop.