Pleated & Honeycell Blinds F. A. Q.

What is the maximum width for a certain blind?

Depends on the style of blind that they are asking about. Please refer to the Pleated Price List. Go to the style of blind required and here it will tell you. If the blind measurements are not available on the page, then they are out of spec and cannot be done

Is there a maximum width in Fabrics?

Yes there is. The widths are as follows:


Venice – 2.3m, Basel – 2.3m, Oslo – 2.3m, Amazone – 2.3m Sophia – 2m, Paris – 2.2m
Palma – 3m, Palma Blackout – 3m, Quebec – 3m, Ottawa – 3m Bilbao – 3m, Alicante – 3m, Edmonton – 2.2m, Atlanta FR – 3m Vako Honeycell – 3m


Refer to chosen fabric in book as fabric widths vary

ECLIPSE Fabrics:

Refer to chosen fabric in book as fabric widths vary

Can narrower fabrics be used in widescreen blinds?

Yes they can.


This is achieved by over-lapping the fabric by 20mm and a cord runs through the fabric to stop it from coming apart. It is recommended that the spot for overlapping the fabric is done in front of a glazing bar on the window. This would need to be provided by the customer ordering.


This is achieved by butting the pieces of fabric together within the headrail. Also keep the cords close to the edge of each fabric that is side by side to help keep in line. However, the two fabrics can still sway independently.

Are all fabrics FR?

No, not all of the fabrics. You can check on the spec sheets that are saved in Instructions as to which are.

What is the best option, PT2 or PT3?

There is no correct answer to this really. What I would recommend is that if a PT is going into a reveal, I would then use a PT2 as the 2 buttons on the bottom are at the sides if the window sill. Therefore you do not have a rail running across your window sill.

Can you operate Battery Pleated from your phone?

Yes you can. As we use Brel motors in our headrails, you can buy a Home Wizard Plug DC-S2. This is plugged in the wall and you can operate up to 100 individual motors from this. Then download the app to your phone and set up from there.

Child Safety on FHC & FHLC Blinds?
Free Hang Cord operated blinds, they will be supplied with a Safety

Cord Breakaway and a cleat which has to be attached to the wall 1500mm above floor level. Is best to supply 2 as there is less winding of the cord then
Free Hang Loop Chain blinds. As these are now supplied with the new Vako drive in them, none of them should exceed the 6kg limit. Therefore, they should always be supplied with a 1:1 Drive and breakaway chains. This way there is no need for a p-clip attached to a wall. If they insist that they want a continuous chain, then they need a p-clip attached to the wall 1500mm above floor level

Is there a delivery charge on Pleated Blinds?

There is free delivery on orders over £150