Wiring 12v Transformer

There are two options with hard wiring motors-single blind transformer and a four blind transformer.

The singe blind transformer, is as you would expect, used for one blind. It joins into the 2 core motor cable and then plugs strait into a 13amp socket. It's self contained. I deal for one blind where there is 13amp socket near the window.
The four blind transformer is for multi blinds and if you have more than four blinds you must build up banks of transformers. Each of these 4 blind transformers requires a 13amp socket. So, two banks of four requires two 13amp sockets, and so on and so forth.
The transformer takes the 240v power down to 12v, which is the rating of the motors. The motors act in exactly the same way that the battrey powerd ones do, except you dont have to charge them.
Each blind has to have its own two core cable (small like alarm cable) travelling to the transformer block. So if you have four blinds then four cables traveling independently to the the transformer. The transformer block should be no further than 600mm from the power source (13amp socket). On one side of the transformer you have the power input cable (240v) and on the other end you have the 12v out put terminals (4) which send power (12v) to the motors. 
If you are chasing walls to hide the cables (2 core) then you chase from the the top of the window ( where the headrail is located) down, or across to where you are locating the 4 blind transformer. 
When attaching the cables do one at time and set the travel (on the handset) of the blind ( No1 blind, zone 1 on the handset) before moving onto blind two. 

The wiring of the 4 Block Transformer to the 13amp plug must bedone by an electrian, the motors which are only 12v may be wired by a blinds fitter.

All cables for the four block transformer to be supplied by the retailer, fitter or electrian. We do not supply cabling. The single blind transformer is supplied with cables.

Dimensions DC-231 L120mm B50mm H31mm